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  • Because our originality and genuineness
    Because our originality and genuineness

    we were founded more then 20 years ago

  • Because of the tradition
    Because of the tradition

    almost all of our clients are returning clients

  • Because we have the experience
    Because we have the experience

    after more than 2 decades that we arrange vacations for orthodox Jews we understand your needs better

  • Because we believe in service
    Because we believe in service

    We believe that superior customer service is the best way for us to differentiate ourselves from other companies and attract new customers.

  • Because you appreciate style
    Because you appreciate style

    Why don’t you Travel In Style? When you travel with us, your holiday is well guaranteed to be in the care of a specialist travel agent for whom every client is an individual with personal priorities and preferences where our professional services are geared to meet every specific need of our clients

  • Because your family is the most important thing
    Because your family is the most important thing

    looking for a family oriented vacation and activities for the whole family? you are in the right place...

  • Because it is in your nature
    Because it is in your nature

    If you're looking for a family vacation surrounded by nature and wildlife, consider our deals and offers

  • Because you are connected to your roots
    Because you are connected to your roots

    our vacations contains stimulating lectures and Shiurim on topics of Jewish interest

  • For so many reasons...
    For so many reasons...

    Meira Goren - Prestige Travel & Tourism

NEW !!! Isrotel Orient Jerusalem

The new Orient Jerusalem, part of Isrotel's Exclusive Collection, is strategically positioned in the heart of one of the city's most vibrant, upscale neighborhoods offering an abundance of leisure and entertainment options as well as panoramic views of the old and new city. The hotel is a short walking distance from the Old City and just steps away from HaTachana, the city’s first-ever train station which has since transformed into a lively district of designer boutiques, galleries, trendy cafes and restaurants...for more information please contact us!
Isrotel OrientIsrotel OrientIsrotel Orient

NEW !!! Kfar Kinneret - Sea of Galilee Village

The Kinneret beach resort is located on Haon beach, a rural vacation complex that combines a magical view of the Sea of ​​Galilee with a relaxing atmosphere. The complex is located on the eastern shore of the Sea of ​​Galilee near Kibbutz Haon. The resort has a dining room overlooking the Sea of ​​Galilee, open grass areas, palm trees and well-tended plants. The grass surfaces offer a huge space for children to play and adults can enjoy the wonderful sunset shades that only the beach of the Sea of ​​Galilee can offer. read more...

NEW !!! Olive Resort Mount Gilboa

Olive Hotel Mount Gilboa is a new boutique hotel overlooking the Jezreel Valley, the Springs Valley and the Harod Valley, and is actually the entrance point to Mount Gilboa and the valley below it. All rooms are new and are suitable for families with gallery rooms and guest villas. The hotel has a stunning swimming pool overlooking the spectacular views of the Gilboa. The hotel bears the historical concept and events that occurred in the area - the story of the Battle of Saul and his sons in the Gilboa. For more information please contact us.